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Annals of the Pediatric Rheumatology (APR) is an international peer review journal committed to promoting the highest standards of scientific exchange and education.

It attemps to cover all various aspects of paediatric rheumatology for its readers, which encompassing the spectrum of diseases with arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, autoinflammatory diseases, connective tissue disorders, translational research, the latest therapies and treatment programs.

This journal publishes original articles, concise reports, reviews, editorials, guidelines, case reports, clinical vignettes and letters. Matters arising from published material. Peer reviewed proceedings of international meetings are also featured. Reviews, new developments or controversial issues in the field, through invited contributions from recognized authorities , are discussed here.

The journal has an authoritative global Editorial Board.

Editor's Note
Welcome to the online resource center for the Annals of Paediatric Rheumatology (APR) journal. APR is a non-profit, non governmental, international medical journal founded in 2011.
The aim of APR is to publish papers with the highest ethical and scientific standards and is not influenced by any means of commercial interests. It will be available, both online and printed, to the scientific community absolutely for free. In addition to the unrestricted online access of all the papers as full texts, print version of the journal can also be obtained by filling in our subscription form.

To ensure maximum visibility to your papers, Annals of Paediatric Rheumatology offers a completely free-of-charge publication model. Our only concern will always be the same: Making the life of childrens with rheumatologic diseases easier by providing a vivid platform to the scientists which hopefully boosts the research related to these conditions.

To learn more about the APR see our"Aims and Scope" page.
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